Dec 1, 2006

My Most Forgetable Character

That be me! This 69 year old Ozarks hillbilly is quickly reaching The Great Age - that’s the age of forgetfulness. Recently, I was trying to remember whether I was going upstairs or had just come downstairs. Then remembered we don’t have stairs in our house. Or trying to remember if I was going to the bathroom or had already gone. At my age, it really doesn’t matter, I had to go again.

The real reason for this blog is working with my youngest daughter in her quest to find all the limbs to our family tree. Now, if I were a tree, what kind would I be? A mighty Oak that would withstand the harshest north winds, or a Willow that would sway in the gentlest breeze, or maybe a pretty Magnolia with it’s dark deep green leaves and fragrant blossoms. Nope, none of that for this old man. I’d be Hickory - full of nuts not really edible except for the squirrels, which is the only things that hangs out with me. Hickory has scaley bark - yep, that be me. And it’s limbs are stiff - that be me also. When forced to bend, the limbs snap, crackle, pop, and grind. Let’s see, me, me, me and me. Yep, I be a Hickory. Now, where was I going with all this? Oh yeah, I remember - talking about my daughter. Her handle is TeriBoop. She is a great fan of Teri. Or is it Boop? Hummm, I forget.

Well, let’s get started with the blog. So far we have uncovered my great-grandfather is a double murderer. I have family members that belonged to the KKK, at least one owned slaves, and one was a personal friend of Frank & Jessie James. But the ones I’m most ashamed of is the lawyer, the judge and the politician. Lord, hope we don’t find a banker in the family. Don’t believe I could cope with that.

Well, I’m puttin’ on my thinkin’ cap and trying to remember the people I’ve met, places I’ve been and stories I’ve heard. Bear in mind, I may on occasion bend the truth slightly to make an interesting story. Other times I’ll just outright lie.

Grabbing my cup, is this coffee fresh, or did I make it yesterday? At least it hasn’t started growing mold yet. It’s never too old until moss grows across the top like dark green pond scum. Really, I don’t mind the moss, except when it sticks to my tooth.

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